about me

Rachel received a BFA in Fashion and Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art in Design in Atlanta, Georgia. After returning home to Detroit, she began to feel out her space in Detroit’s artistic renaissance. Too impatient to wait for a spot to be ‘given’, Rachel produced her own show in 2012 that featured 20+ handmade garments. Then she hit the ground running

designing clothing lines for several fashion shows.


In addition to creating for her own business, So RAW Creative, Rachel also works as a garment cutter at a Michigan-based clothing line, and for the College for Creative Studies as a teacher and graphic designer for C.A.P.

artist statement


I was in college before I really realized that some people actually bought their halloween costumes. It never crossed my mind that not all children have several custom costumes each halloween. I watched (and even helped) my mom create amazing costumes that I could wear and be completely unique.


Never conforming and always being excited about that uniqueness is why I chose to be a fashion designer. I believe that anyone who wants to should be able to feel the way my mom’s halloween costumes made me feel — awesome, different, and proud.